The Venn Diagram Universe Of Discord Today.

If people understood the concept behind the Venn Diagram, they would understand that everyone exists in the Universe of the Venn Diagram…

However, there are circles outside of those connected that have connections that never intersect. Those circles can have three characteristics among the living: They peacefully co-exist in the Universe; They are diametrically opposed to any intersection to other ideologies in the Universe; or are apathetic about any relationships at all.

Mathematically, ideologically, and intuitively, this is my attempt to explain the current state of affairs in the world today. As Othello, the Moor, exclaimed at the charges made by Iago about Desdemona’s unfaithfulness (I watched James Earl Jones play the Moor, Christopher Plummer played Iago, and Desdemona was played by Amanda Plummer): “Chaos! Chaos!” Those were the words expressed in disbelief by the Moor to the charges by Iago. What would the Moor believe? The result was the unjustifiable death of Desdemona by his own hands. This is where we are in 2017. People are causing massive destruction at their own hands on the basis of what they are hearing and believing from others in the Venn Universe!

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