It’s Time To Look To Alternatives Other Than A Pill.

A bit of advice about inflammation of the joints. I am 67 years old. When I started having joint swelling, I was taking medicine like Maloxicam. It gave me relief and I thought that it was a miracle drug. Well, since I have an aversion to taking drugs, I decided to have my vegetables, fruits, and proteins from food to bring about a natural remedy for my issues.

I am not recommending any product here. I try not to let two days go by without eating vegetables. I buy vegetable drinks like Suja to give me the “greens” necessary for every diet. Sometimes, I get cramps which may be indicative of a lack of potassium. So, I try to have on hand a mixed fruit drink that I ingest within every two days. I am reporting that my joints, my knees, wrists, cramps in my legs, and elsewhere have not been a bother.

I am still working at the post office delivering mail. It is hardly a job for the feeble. So, I share this information just to encourage anyone with deficiencies to pursue an alternative to taking medication to help them function physically daily.

What I am describing here works for me. All of you know that, when you are at work, it is a challenge to eat properly. When I was in my 30’s and 40’s, I drank coffee and ate a buttered roll for breakfast. Lunch was probably a burger, pizza, or a cold cut sandwich. You know what I am talking about! How nourishing is that regimen for your health for the long term? By pursuing this course, do you see the lack of the vital nutritional value needed to help you maintain a healthly lifestyle?

I hope that what I am sharing is worth considering. Good health to you all!

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