The Dilemma For Dreamers And The Government

Who really deserves the blame for the predicament that “Dreamers” find themselves in? At the top of the list, their parent. Secondly, the government for not enforcing its laws. Third, lawmakers who were derelict in not addressing a remedy to the problem. Forth, the people of the United States for not making a big stink about the issue being allowed to perpetuate unaddressed. Fifth, law enforcement at all levels of government.

My point is that there is a lot of blame to spread around for the situation with which the country is confronted today. Now, what should be the solution?

To date, there have been efforts by the Obama administration to tackle the problem, albeit, unconstitutionally. Reagan dealt with the issue and the promises made for his acquiescence were reneged upon. Yet, in spite of all of the former and prevailing efforts, the problem has reached the point of a conundrum for which justice at any level is unrequited love that does not satisfy anyone on either of the issue.

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