Counter View Point – Rebooted

Due to hosting anomalies, the Counter View Point archive of years of compilation became corrupted and unrecoverable. Positions taken by me over the years through administrations and events, gone. Vanished. Not backed up. But, that’s okay! The past is the past! No one seems to care about history anyway. Why? Because the same missteps are being repeated with impunity to the uninitiated so-called revolutionaries of our modern times!

The reboot of this website will contain views on different subject matter that may be in the form of general information, recommendation, or Do-It-Yourself tasks. There may even be products recommendations for sale. I will put the food in the trough and will let the reader decide to taste and see whether it is good or not.

I am Harold F Washington, the domain owner, the instigator of any tirade presented here, the censorer of any attempt to post comment messages without my authorization or a FEE! 

I warn spammers: You will not get a view of what you are trying to sell by posting your sale through a comment post without paying me $100 for the year ending at the end of a year.

So, look forward to the things waiting in the wings to be presented here at CounterViewPoint. com



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