Robin Hood Society

I never mean to take a political position on anything. I am an observer of current events. What disturbs me most is the cavalier attitude that, as a citizen, my interests don’t matter when it comes to the affect on my life when it comes to how I must acquiesce to every hairbrained idea to take money from me to give to whomever.

I don’t want anyone’s dollars. Why can’t I demonstrate my charity without being constrained to give it up for the benefit of others?

It appears that we are living more in a Robin Hood society: Take from the rich and give to the poor. However, that is not the case. Workers are being stripped along with the so-called rich. No one should be taken advantage of whether rich or not so rich.

Class envy is a distroyer. Let the worker earn their due wages. Punishing achievers is an unhealthy way to go about helping those who are disavantanged for any reason.

We make choices in life. Some make good choices. Others make bad choices. Should those who have made the right choices pay for the bad choices of others who have squandered their industry? I think not!

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