Are You Influenced By The Majority’s Thinking And Actions?

I watched a very interesting program entitled: WYFFT (Would You Fall For That?) It seemed unbelievable. However, the observations were real.

The basis of the experiment was based upon the work of Solomon Asch who demonstrated that people allow themselves to be influenced by the thinking and actions of the majority. Unwittingly, those influenced just go along because others are doing it whatever that may be.

Back to the show. A crew of people enter an elevator and look to the back of it. A non-crew individual enters the elevator and normally turns around to look at the elevator doors. From floor to floor others in on the hoax enter and leave the elevator. The new arrivals look to the back of the elevator.  After a while, the non-crew individual slowly turns until they are facing the rear of the elevator.

The experiment was done with different non-crew individuals and they all turned around to conform with the crowd except for one individual who spoke out and said: “Why am I the only person looking not looking at the back of the elevator?” He was not a conformist.

When non-crew individuals were asked why they had joined the others, they remarked that “it just seemed to be the right thing to do.”

Another experiment showed a crew dancing in the elevator and, again, a non-crew individual eventually joined them and started to dance as well.

For me, it explained why many people in The United States have supported policies and causes that negatively impact the nation as a whole.  If I was to author a show, it would be entitled: “When The Blind Leads The Blind, They All Fall Into A Bottomless Pit Of Despair.”


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