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Everyone remembers the “Dot Com Bust.” It was a time when major players like NBC and other Fortune 500 companies entered into the online fray during the nascent beginnings of the online consumer experience only to find that converting website visitors to customers was a fleeting and costly labor intensive endeavor as they entered into what they believed would be the goldmine to increasing their bottom line. The exit from the online rush was as spectacular as their entrance.

Today, if you are a merchant, you have at your disposal help, an army of affiliates, to help you market your product or service. Of course, you can buy lists and set aside a budget for advertising on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Granted, these social platforms have millions of eyeballs to view your product or service. However, what about this……

Imagine having willing affiliates who want to earn a commission marketing and promoting your product or service for you! This represents individual different tactics and methods to increase your bottom line! Why? Because you have an army of marketers working to bring business to your company.

While I have joined many affiliate organizations that cater to merchants looking to increase sales, I would like to recommend two: and Both of these programs are for merchants who want affiliates to promote for them and affiliates who wish to sign up to market the products or services of merchants. Either program is not for everyone. However, if you are serious about getting sales or commissions, this is the recommended path.

Personally, I have sought affiliates and have been an affiliate for many merchants including American Express, DiscoverCard, LendingTree, and other Fortune 500 companies. These companies used organizations that I have referenced here. In fact, I am an affiliate of Alpha Industries ( through this relationship.

If you are serious about improving your reach across the internet spectrum, get acquainted with the online tools to get you there.

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Former Editor of The New York No-Fault Arbitration Reports, a monthly publication of the American Arbitration Association. Currently, Administrator of the following websites: http://ProlineMediaGroup
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