Free Speech: What It Means.

Free speech. My understanding of free speech is that anyone should be and can be heard without censorship. So, in any venue where this speech occurs, there should not be an opposition at that occasion or time. Opposers of the speech with which they disagree, should move to their own arena to present their opposing view. Unless you are invited to oppose a free speech event, you have NO Right to air your disapproval at that event unless invited to air your opposing view. For me, this is a reasonable arrangement since conflict is kept at a minimum. However, today, opposers what to disrupt a free speech event to air their opposition. I say it is not your party and you need to take your party elsewhere where those who agree with you can voice what ticks all of you off.

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Former Editor of The New York No-Fault Arbitration Reports, a monthly publication of the American Arbitration Association. Currently, Administrator of the following websites: http://ProlineMediaGroup
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