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President Donald Trump spared his ally former Sheriff Joe Arpaio a possible jail sentence on Friday by pardoning his conviction, reversing what critics saw as a long-awaited comeuppance for a lawman who escaped accountability for headline-grabbing tactics during most of his 24 years as metropolitan Phoenix’s top law enforcer.

My take on this is that I want the law upheld and enforced. I do not want law enforcement to stand by and let lawlessness happen. Judges who are not for enforcing and upholding law legislated on the books should be removed from office. Why? Because their failure to follow the legislation enacted is tantamount to their objection to the tenets upon which they are to get their guidance in an effort to help them arrive at judicious decisions.

The most disturbing thing about the times in which we are living is that law is ignored in favor of allowing law-breaking to take place without any consequence for violating established law.

If the judiciary does not like the legislation by which they are to be guided, it is not up to them to devise an alternative outcome. It is up to the legislative branch to come up with law to the contrary. Until that happens, the judiciary is constrained to follow existing law until a change happens to their liking. The judiciary is charged with making decisions based upon existing law and not their own ideological preferences. Obviously, we are living in an alternative world where reasonable actions are no longer in vogue and judicial activism rules the day.

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