My Post On On The Need For Artificial Intelligence Skills

I am convinced that the future of artificial intelligence cannot be ignored. While education at the earliest levels of maturity and the ability to critically think does not necessary belong to young adults and older individuals, consideration must be given younger ones.

Math is being taught at the earliest age today since the dawn of institutionalized education in the USA. Why not venture into teaching the science of coding that can introduce the fundamental structure of logic or logical thinking?

More and more women are entering the field of technology and are able to compete intellectually with their male counterparts. This represents a breakout of the traditional occupations available for women compared to the past.

I am not just advocating that women alone need to venture into the fields of artificial intelligence. Instead, I am recommending that the focus for jobs of the future should give attention to the fact that machines will replace jobs performed by the need for labor today. Do you want proof?
The checkout kiosks, artificial intelligence, is replacing the need for cashiers. Let’s not forget what has happened to the automobile assembly line.

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