Sitting On The Keys To Prosperity

There are a number of states in the United States whose governors have uncovered the key to their state’s prosperity. What they have done can be replicated by the US Government. However, the latter just sits down and does nothing to unlock the energy resources in the ground and under water.

It is estimated that the US has more oil reserves than the Middle East. Yet, rather than being an exporter of oil, the US imports it!

While very little drilling is being done on government lands, much of the drilling is being done on privately owned properties. In the states where this is being done, there is low unemployment and those state government are enjoying surpluses. What’s wrong with this picture?

It seems to me that, if a strategy works to benefit people and the government, it should be studied and copied. On the other hand, if doing something that does not benefit people or the US government, you would think that those strategies are useless and should be abandoned.

How long will it take those governing to figure out that raising taxes, stifling economic growth through regulations, printing money, raising the debt, and other unproductive policies have dire consequences?

If doing the same things over and over gives the US government the same result that is at the root of our sick economy, then new ideas are needed to turn things around.

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