Teacher Competency In Question!

Did you know that, as a teacher in Florida, you must pass the Florida Teacher Certification Exam to maintain your employment? The failure rate is so high in some Florida districts that there is a scramble to fill positions for the fall school year. Some who have failed have been teaching for years. One educator has a Master’s Degree in Education and felt devastated by her failure to pass the exam.

As someone who is outside of the education system, all of this raises the concern over whether a teacher is forever a teacher.  Should a teacher’s competency be tested on an ongoing basis to be assured that that individual’s ability and competency level on the subject has not diminished? With the bad rap that educational institutions are reaping because of the turnout of students who appear to have been passed along in the system only to find out that they lack the skills needed to prepare them for a college level education, should parents demand that teachers be forever qualified since education is mandatory and the school system, in effect, becomes the ward(en) for their school-aged children?

Well, the teachers who failed to pass the FTCE have a few extra chances to pass the exam. My hope is that they brush up on what they need to know so that there is no doubt about their ability to teach the subject of their competency.

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