The Reality Of Disaster’s Aftermath In America and It’s Possessions

Talk about critical times! Imagine for a moment that each day of your life is going along uncharacteristically. You go to work, get the kids ready for school, go about your daily chores, go banking, bike riding or walking, and the news is all about the bad, not so bad, political bickering, floods, wars, refugees, and a lot of other devastation. Then, some form of the bad stuff happens to you like it has happened to the people in Puerto Rico. You awake from the aftermath of the storm in a shelter. Your home is no more. The creature comforts of daily life: running water, electricity, mail service, the mall or neighborhood store is now non-existent. Your job is no more. You cannot get access to your money in the bank. Even if you did, there is nothing available to buy to feed your family. Your life suddenly becomes similar to war ravaged areas and the effects on the people are recognizably the same as your current situation. But, you are an American. How can this situation be happening to you for so long a period of time? Everyone is looking to government to help them.

The government, however, is not a miracle maker. In fact, it cannot respond quickly enough to make people whole as they were before the disaster! Yet, this is the expectation¬†of the people of Puerto Rico who have not been able to escape to mainland USA where they could assimilate seamlessly into another part of their government’s territory where they could pick up the pieces devastated and left behind in their homeland. I write about those left behind to fend for themselves until relief comes from … somewhere, someone, or the government.

At any given moment in time, we can find ourselves in a similar situation as our citizenry counterparts in the event of hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster. All of the foregoing should serve as food for thought.

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