Who Will Rescue The Document That Created Liberty?

Laws are what existed from the beginning of time. Adam was given law when he was prohibited from eating from a particular tree in the garden of Eden. God, Jehovah, enforced that law when it was broken.

The founders of the Constitution of The United States devised the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for the formation of the new government in the new world.

Today, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights appear to be under attack without a protector of the rights that it proposed to benefit the subjects of its mandates.

In the United States, there are inspector generals, special counsels, and the Supreme Court. In our recent history, none appear to flex the muscle to prevent corruption of the rights granted by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.There appears to be no enforcer of the rights set forth in the documents of freedom in the United States.

When the judges of justice can be corrupted, there can never be justice for subjects of a dominion. Whether it be a bribe or pressure from lobbyists, those who are elected and charged with the power to protect the governed are of no use when they compromise their power to act righteously to giving in to the powers of influence that manipulate them.

Therefore, any document that cannot guarantee freedom is a worthless document at best when it cannot protect the people it was designed to protect.

We await the enforcement by the Supreme Ruler and his Son who promised a Kingdom as set forth in “The Lord’s Prayer” beginning at Matthew 6:9, 10. Short of this happening, there is no hope for mankind, the United States, or any other government.

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